Protegent Antivirus Review

Protegent anti-virus has become a viral internet meme, and the firm that makes it is now seeking to get rid of the term. It is a popular course designed to defend computers via cyber dangers, and is obtainable from the primary websites. Yet , its division has been difficult for some users, with advertisings appearing on the site and bundling free software program with the merchandise. It is uncertain why these extra courses are staying included, or perhaps why they are so bothersome.

The online privacy policy of Protegent is very very clear. Users will be informed that they can be able to get their personal information when they purchase the computer software. This information is required for the registration method and for payment. However , the organization can use that to customize their website and also to resolve virtually any disputes. They will also use it to send email messages with product offers and updates. In the unlikely celebration of a data loss incident, they can also share these details with the government bodies.

The Anti-phishing feature in Protegent is another specific feature. That protects your pc from scam scams and web sites which may contain malevolent code. Excellent dedicated aspect called the Anti-Phishing feature. It also comes with a Activity Media reporter feature that will bring a tab upon emails and blacklists all of them if they are suspicious. It is necessary to note that it antivirus will only work on MS Outlook and Exchange email computers, so it is not really a reliable method for popular messaging websites.

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